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ACP SSWATT (Sustainable Soil, Water, Air Tactical Team) Watershed Compost Centers of Excellence

Education & Outreach – Courses, Workshops, Certifications (with USCC)

  • Develop: Compost/Organics “Market-Based Compliance Mechanisms” Strategy and Tactical Plan - to implement and address watershed, airshed, wasteshed with food & urban sustainability plans and implementation
  • Train: to develop, train, implement and manage Watershed Compliance and Centers of Excellence, using compost BMPs
  • Implement: Compost Centers of Excellence Statewide & Compost Use Seminars and Training Workshops Statewide
  • Conferences, Symposia, and Summits

Compost Awareness & ICAW– Develop media pieces that can be distributed online and through traditional media outlets.  Current Members: Kathy Kellogg Johnson, ACP VP Kellogg Garden Products, Dan Noble, ACP ED, Beth Simone, CCREF Staff, Finian Makepeace, KTG, Stephanie Barger, USGBC-Zero Waste Division, and many others.

  • The Compost Story – a www.TheCompostStory.com is the best current short video about composting ever made, sponsored by ACP and USCC Members Nationwide
  • Awareness Sponsors & Budget – develop a separate sponsorship budget to produce and broadcast the video for various stakeholder groups: Municipalities, Businesses & schools.

Compost Contamination Reduction Working Group Formed to collaboratively develop a set of integrated approaches to solving one of the biggest issues that is plaguing the compost industry, physical contamination of compostable materials.  The set of approaches are being developed and implemented including:

  • On-site monitoring (in addition to lab)
  • On-site investments - standards, technologies, and people
  • Market-based mechanisms and investments
  • Upstream investments
  • Collaborative approach with multiple sister association members and leaders

Legislative & Regulatory – provide legislative, policy and regulatory review, development and oversite for compost related legislation, policy documents and regulations.  Current members: Kathy Lynch, Lynch & Assoc., Jeff Ziegenbein, ACP Pres., IEUA.org, Dan Noble, ACP ED.  A members input working group is being formed in 2017.

  • ACP Lobbyist Committee – Monthly meetings of ACP Lobbyist and Regulatory Consultants. Current Members: Kathy Lynch, Lynch & Associates, Paul Ryan, P.F. Ryan & Associates, Jeff Ziegenbein, ACP President, IERCA.org, Dan Noble, ACP ED. See “A
  • CP Priority Report”, “ACP Leg Review List” & legislative review and implementation.
  • ACP Policy Committee & SB 1383 Team – work directly with CalRecycle to craft and implement SLCP reduction regulations, programs and outreach. See “SB1383 CalRecycle-ACP Outline”
  • ACP Legislators Meeting Day - May 1, 2019, (Wed prior to International Compost Awareness Week) meet with legislators and get to know each other, and working together on the issues.

Agroecology & Healthy Soil Metrics – Look to define and measure healthy soil.  Current Members: Jorge Montezuma, LACSD.org, Chair, Hunter Francis, CalPoly SLO, Janaki Jaganath, EJ Intern, and ACP.

  • Healthy Soil Metrics System – A project to build a healthy soil metrics system that includes all types of compost including measuring soil, compost, water and plants in a whole systems approach for healthy soil.
  • Advocacy Sponsors & Budget – Grants, Internships with UC Davis, USDA/Organic Research & Education Grant, working with CalPoly SLO on developing Healthy Soil Webinars, projects; e.g. “Siting and operating compost facilities in env. Justice Communities”

Biosolids Compost – Address compost market development programs and initiatives of interest to biosolids-based compost Producers.  Current Members: Sara Hammes, Chair, Synagro, with ACP and members including Santa Rosa, LACSD, IEUA, CASA, Engel & Gray, and others.

  • Biosolids Compost – Create the packet (on biosolids benefits and safety), produce specific market development efforts, & participate in supporting the “Seminars & Presentations Working Group” work above to address the markets of: Caltrans, Local building & LID, Reclamation Projects, Regulators. Develop and work, ongoing, with a reputable, university based “Research Group” in California. See Google Docs: “Notes: ACP Biosolids Compost Working Group” to follow progress
  • Biosolids Sponsors & Budget – as needed, develop a separate budget to support the above initiatives.

Independent & Manure Ag Compost – (Proposed) Address compost market development programs and initiatives of interest to independent midsize and manure-based compost.  Scotts Bros Dairy, Cal Dairy Res. Foundation, Suscon.org. Dan Noble, ACP.  (this working group is awaiting a chairperson to lead this)

Research & Demonstration Projects

ACP initiative and/or companion projects with other project leader organizations (e.g. water agencies, government agencies, universities, etc.).  ACP functions as either the project leader and contract manager, and/or as a project participant with its members and other organizations.  Projects can address any, or all, aspects of compost manufacture, specifications and use research and demonstration as part of specific grant funded projects.  Partners vary based on the specific project.  Current Projects under management include:

  • Sustainable Landscapes Project – Prop 84/IRWM State Water Board Grant – San Diego County Water Authority (Project Manager) – ($1.4 million grant, ACP portion is ~$20,000) see


ACP Compost Water-Carbon Project – 11th Hour Project Grant Award ($40,000)- D. Noble “ACP Compost Water-Carbon Work Plan 1.24.16” & “ACP Compost Water-Carbon Project-Qrtrly Report #1-

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