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ACP Sponsored Workshops, Conferences & Symposiums


Presentations of the ACP Hosted Preconference Workshop:

SB 1383 Pathways to Success!

Building the Final Link in the Circular Organics Economy with

Cities, Farmers, and the Compost Industry

(A California Perspective)

Presentation Links:

Part 1: 9-12 pm: In the classroom - “Building Healthy Soil with Compost:  the foundation of every local circular carbon, water, and nutrient economy”

  • Introduction -  Dan Noble, ACP ED - 
     - D. Noble, ACP USCC SB 1383 Workshop Introduction - 1.23.23.pdf
  • Compost Healthy Soil Network - Programs Overview, Craig Kolodge, San Pasqual Valley Soils, ACP Board, Emeritus       
      -  Dr. K-Compost and the Healthy Soil Network 1.19.23.pdf
  • UCCE (UCANR) - Cooperative ExtensionCole Smith, UCANR San Francisco Bay Area, Organic Materials Mgmt Areawide Advisor(Santa Clara County) and Stephanie May, UCANR Southern California, Organic Materials Mgmt Areawide Advisor 

      - C. Smith and S. Mar UCANR

  • Municipalities- Local SB 1383 Implementation - Michael Wondsidler, San Diego County. 
      - COSD SB 1383 Procurement USCC 1.24.23.pdf
  • “Show me the Money!” - local healthy soil with multiple sources of funding - ZeroFoodprint/ACP, Leo Beckerman
       - Zero Foodprint.Compost for Climate Change USCC 2023.pdf

Past Events

California Bioresources Alliance CBA 2022 Symposium

Bioresources Technology, Collaboration & Investment: Managing the Transition to Local Circular Economies in California

17th Annual November 9-10, 2022 • Online

Link to Presentation

California Bioresources Alliance CBA 2021 Symposium

Pathways for Integrating Our Bioresources Management

16th Annual November 18-19, 2021 • Online

Link to Presentation

California Bioresources Alliance CBA 2020 Symposium

Building the Regenerative Carbon Economy in California

15th Annual November 12-13, 2020 • Online

California Bioresources Alliance CBA 2019 Symposium

14th Annual November 14-15, 2019 • Ziggurat Bldg

Link to Presentations

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