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ACP Research Project Reports

ACP is proud to be the co-project leader and sponsor of a successful Technology Advancement Program project funded by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.  The project demonstratated that a solar powered 1.5 HP blower could be used in conjunction with a 1 ft. finished compost cap, on an extended Aerated Static Pile (eASP) to lower VOC emissions from compost by over 98%.  This compost technology is less expensive and capital intensive than traditional windrow composting.  

The finished report, posted also on the ValleyAir.org website in July 2013, is posted here for your information and education, along with the original proposal for research submitted in August 2011 and accepted for funding by ValleyAir.org in December 2011.  The project was performed in the summer of 2012 at a Harvest Power compost facility in Tulare, California.

ACP Solar Powered ASP Compost Project

Sustainable Landscape Project

California Water Board Prop 84 IRWMP Grant

Sustainable Landscape Program Implementation in San Diego County (2012-2015) – This project is designed to reduce water waste and pollutant infiltration into local waterways through development and implementation of landscape standards and specifications generally consistent with the California State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and the San Diego Regional Board MS4 Permit. This project is being developed in partnership with San Diego County Water Authority, City of San Diego, County of San Diego, California American Water, and non-profit partners such as California Center for Sustainable Energy, Surfrider Foundation, and Association of Compost Producers. The Sustainable Landscapes Program relies on the integration of landscape standards and specifications, education and training, incentives, outreach, and technical assistance to achieve project goals.  The building of healthy soils with compost (high organic matter soils) is understood by all project participants, and being born out in practice, to be the foundation of building Sustainable Landscapes. 
Prop_84_Implementation_Grant_SD Overview

Market Development Projects

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Compost, Organics, Research & Marketing Project Concepts-ACP 4.2.13

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