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July ACP Newsletter

  • 13 Aug 2018 8:31 AM
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    Jonelle Tannahill (Administrator)

    The Association of Compost Producers monthly guide to News, Advocacy, Education, and Networking.

    "Dedicated to increasing the quality, value and amount of compost being produced and used in California."  - ACP Mission Statement 




    Monthly Newsletter of the Association of Compost Producers

    President’s Message

    Summer is finally here in California! I have lots of outdoor activities planned for the weekend around the 4th of July but temperatures in some areas are going to creep well into the triple digits. Even San Jose is expected to approach 90°  Hot weather all but stops compost sales but it should pick up the following week when things cool back down. Feedback from our members is that sales are going very well statewide largely from improved confidence in the economy and the startup of projects. 

    The relief from drought concerns was short-lived so now we need to reach out and educate everyone about the water savings benefits of compost. Compost acts like a sponge reducing water demand by around 30% compared to bare, unamended soils. As 90% of California water is used outdoors it’s critical that we use water wisely. This applies to agriculture and landscapes. 

    The timing is right as the state pulls another 15 to 20 million tons of organic waste out of the landfill.  Those tons should be processed and used to bring soil organic matter to 5%. That means more market development is needed to bring these issues together and ensure that the new system works well and is sustainable. Thanks for all the support of ACP members to help us keep up the good fight to increase the volume and value of compost used all over California.

    - Jeff Ziegenbein, President of the Association of Compost Producers 

     Legislative & Government Initiatives

    The Association of Compost Producers (ACP) is appreciative of the collaborative process CalRecycle has facilitated during the process of developing the regulatory language for SB 1383. The most recent phase, however, simply did not provide sufficient time for our industry to appropriately respond. However, in May we devoted significant most of the meeting reviewing the new regulatory wording. ACP Staff has been reworking the wording and will provide new recommended wording through the formal regulatory process. The new proposed language regarding loadchecking would significantly, negatively impact operations, without other sources of compensation to composters. This still requires more input from compost producers to ensure that it’s both effective and manageable. We requested to extend the date for comments until mid-June, which was not accepted. However, we can, and will, continue to provide comments throughout the process for the rest of this year.

    The following are some initial general and specific comments on the new language but please note that these are not complete and that they require further input from compost producers around the state:

    • Rework specific sections in detail, esp. Load checking ACP general support, but with major caveats Article 11 – Capacity Planning: Add “Market Capacity Assessment” Language Article 12 – Building Market Capacity: Add additional markets assessment to local procurement Chip & grind (woody) material: include in production and market capacity planning and regulations Specific additions – Biosolids pellets and Article 12.1 wording changes

    Stay tuned for ongoing work on current and future legislation work with ACP's Policy Advisory Committee, as well as our discussions with the Water Board about their proposal to re-open the Compost General Order, at the behest of the Dairy Industry lobby.

    Bay Area AQMD – Developing a SustainableOrganics Recovery Sector.  To launch new regulation development for both existing and new compost facilities, the Bay Area AQMD held a first of its kind stakeholder workshop to step back and look at the big picture of compost regulations within the context of developing local, regenerative bioeconomies.  These facilities are within the surrounding 12 counties of the Bay Area, that are in the BAAQMD regulatory jurisdiction.  As can be seen from the process and preliminary documents, this is a very unique approach toward regulation drafting that includes all stakeholders, not just composters.  The beginning workshops were divided into 6 topics and participants were able to contribute in three of the six of their choosing:

    • Getting to YIMBY [Yes In My Back Yard]: Building public consensus around organics recovery
    • Developing Local Facilities: Rightsizing, planning and siting facilities in your community
    • Building a Renewable Bio-economy: Strategies that help organics recovery supply chins create products and value
    • Rules for Organics Recovery:  A preview and discussion of our developing regulations [for compost and AD and other bioproduct production facilities]
    • Permitting Facilities: Ensuring air quality goals and consistency for recovery operations
    • Anticipated Emissions Along the Supply Chain: A review of what we know

    Stay tuned as this process will continue for the rest of the year and into 2019 when regulatory language drafting will commence.

    Member Relations, Education & Outreach

    Welcome to ACP NEW Member Companies:

    Republic Services301 Organics, Compost Energy IncEcoverse, and Gore.


    Connecting with Composting Collaborative: This month's composting collaborative webinar was around community based social marketing. Delivered at the community level using social and behavior marketing removing barriers. The composting collaborative works on accelerate composting access and infrastructure to improve soil health and divert compostables from landfill.

    The Composting Collaborative unites composers, consumer-facing businesses, and policymakers to share best practices and resources, as well as generate innovative solutions to shared challenges.

    For more info, check out: www.compostingcollaborative.org/library

    2018 LandscapeEXPO - Compost Sessions: Building your landscape business! Date: Oct 10 (& 11), 2018  Location: Long Beach Convention Center

    • Erosion Control Landscapes - Installation, Inspection & Maintenance
      • Moderator: Craig Kolodge, Filtrexx
    • Sustainable/Green Cities -  Installing and Maintaining Green Infrastructure Landscapes
      • Moderator: Jeff Ziegenbein, IEUA
    • Water Efficient Landscapes -It Now Requires Compost!
      • Moderator: Gisele Schoniger
    • Creating Beautiful Landscapes - Healthy Soil with Compost is Key!
      • Moderator: Kathy Kellogg Johnson

    Save-the-date, CAPCOA composting workshops in JULY- composting workshops jointly hosted by the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and CalRecycle focusing on discussing a draft white paper to address air quality permitting and regulatory issues for expanding existing and siting new composting facilities in California:

    Renewing Soil Restoring Life 3rd Annual Meetings Aug 1-3, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  Dan is planing to attend this meeting sponsored by the Soil Health Institute. Check this important new organization and their meetings if you want to know more about the state of the art for "building healthy soil" ... ACP's mission and motto.

    This month Dan passed out the Organics Recovery Facilities list and California has more than their fair share (In a good way)  Dan also passed out a wonderful chart showing what to reuse, recover and repurpose.  

    Cal/OSHA is reminding all employers to protect their outdoor workers from heat illness and to encourage their workers to take preventative cool-down breaks in the shade as temperatures rise throughout California. The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings for forecasts of triple-digit temperatures through the weekend, starting on Thursday in Southern California and beginning Friday in central and northern counties.

    CFCC free funding fairs: The California Finance Coordinating Committee (CFCC) was established to foster cooperation among the seven funding agencies that administer water, wastewater, and other public infrastructure needs. CFCC reaches out statewide each year to educate the public and offer potential customers the opportunity to meet with financial representatives from each agency and learn more about their available funding. Please log on to the CFCC website at www.cfcc.ca.gov for the 2018 funding fair schedule, CFCC member directory and general information.

    Customer Relations

    ACP has a number of Working Groups for you to help improve markets with your colleagues--product quality and collaborative public relations marketing. The active groups include:

    • SSWATT Work Group - Sustainable Soil, Water, Air Tactical Team - we are building tools to help you work more proactively and closely with your local community compost market development best practices.
    • Contamination Reduction  - the most popular ACP Work Group, endeavoring to start solving one of the most critical issues facing our industry, i.e. contaminated feedstocks.
    • Agroecology/Healthy Soil - Chaired by Jorge Montezuma, www.LACSD.org, and with Hunter Francis, CalPoly SLO is hosting an very capable UC Davis Law School intern, Janaki Jaganath who is working on:
      • Developing a toolkit for compost producers in improving environmental justice (EJ) outcomes and relationships with local communities, as well as methods of quantifying co-benefits of compost production in applying for state climate investments for building or expansion, and
      • Creating community legal education for disadvantaged communities (DACs) including ongoing forms of public participation in the siting and regulation of compost facilities as well as how to benefit from compost facilities (through community garden agreements, community benefit agreements, home-delivery, etc.). 
    • International Compost Awareness Week - Work has already begun on next year's ICAW celebration, the week after our Legislator's Day. 
    • ACP Goals & Marketing Plan - ACP Blueprint 2.11.18 Trifold_ACP 2017_Final PrintReady ACP 2018 Plan - 3.9.18 ACP 2018 Roadmap

    Come join us to help produce more and better results for our entire industry!

    Calendar Dates and Reminders

    July 25 - ACP Monthly Member Meeting (Conference Call) 9:00-11:00am 

    August 22 - ACP Monthly Member Meeting (Conference Call) 9:00-11:00am 

    September 26 - ACP Monthly Member Meeting (Conference Call) 9:00-11:00am 

    October 2 - ACP Membership Drive - Teams will compete to share benefits of ACP Membership with colleagues and associates. 

    October 8-12 - Stormwater Awareness Week: free sessions to raise awareness for compost to protect our soils and conserve water!  Great outreach an education partner in promoting compost  www.stormwaterawareness.org

    October 10-11 - LandscapeEXPO - ACP Compost Sessions, Long Beach, CA - The Landscape Expo is a regional trade show and educational conference for landscape professionals from all facets of the industry. Featuring hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees every fall.

    November 15-16 -  California Bioresources Alliance - The 13th Annual CBA Symposium brings together municipalities, zoning staff, state and local regulators, waste management operators, and academia to discuss how to make full use of our valuable organic waste byproducts, including manures, biosolids, and food, wood, and agricultural wastes.  This event takes place at The Ziggurat building in Sacramento, CA. The 2018 theme is “Implementing Organics Recovery and Recycling in Your Community”. 

    December 3-7 - California Soils Week! This week long celebration—which will include panels, webinars, and tours—will highlight all the remarkable gifts healthy soils have to offer.  www.cdfa.ca.gov/healthysoils/soilsweek.html

    Sponsor Opportunities still available for Landscape EXPO and CBA Symposium... and our monthly Newsletter!

     For additional details your contacts are: ACP Industry Relations representative Jonelle' Tannahill (916) 833-7807 or Executive Director, Dan Noble, (619) 992-8389. 


    Jonelle' Tannahill, Industry Relations
    Association of Compost Producers
    (916) 833-7807 


    Who are we? California’s Association of Compost Producers (ACP) is a non-profit, 501(c)(6), a trade association of public and private organizations dedicated to increasing the quality, value and amount of compost being produced and used in California. We do this by promoting activities and regulations that build healthy soil, benefiting people and the environment.

    Executive Director Dan Noble: 1 (619) 992-8389

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