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ACP Members have three levels of work that we routinely perform, individually or collectively, to actualize our mission:

  1. EVENTS:  Attending and actively collaborating at ACP meetings and sponsored or co-sponsored events.
  2. PROGRAMS & PROJECTS:  Participating in ACP sponsored "Compost Marketing Program" and other co-sponsored projects, and
  3. LOCAL PRESENTATIONS & SALES: Working locally (within our own counties and juristictions) to expand compost usage, using ACP's Local Organics Advocacy & Marketing Tool Box.

The web pages contained within this heading include:

ACP Monthly Steps:  The steps that ACP Staff and Members take each month to actualize and fullfill on our mission.

ACP's Value Activities:  those initiatives that we are focused on that implement our missiion.

ACP Marketing Program:  Starting in 2013, ACP is launching a "Members Supported" Compost Marketing Program, exclusively for ACP Supporting Members.

USCC Support:  ACP, as the California State Chapter of the US Composting Council, promotes all the compost market development programs of USCC, including:

ACP's Projects:  Specific projects that fall under one or more of our regular value activities.

To contact, learn more, or to get on ACP's email announcement list, please contact:

Executive Director Dan Noble
Association of Compost Producers
California State Chapter of the US Composting Council

Call or Email us:
Cell: 619-992-8389

P.O. Box 3155, Santa Rosa, CA  95402-3155

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