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Calrecycle Documents of Current Interest to Composters

Draft Regulatory Revisions to Title 14 and 27

 Organics Roadmap - IV - May 2011

The "3 Part Test"

"Study on Other States’ Regulatory Oversight of Waste and Material Handling Activities Relative to Recycling Centers, Transfer Stations, and Green Material Contamination.” (February 2010). Including a Calrecycle staff, 5 page cover letter, explaining Calrecycle's response to the study recommendations (dated May 3, 2010).

Report Title page 050310.pdfReport Title Page .pdf
Report TOC 050310.pdfReport Table of Contents.pdf
Three Part Test - Composting-pg100-110.pdfThree Part Test - Compostable Material - Pages 100-110.pdf
Final May 3 Cover Letter w Attachs.pdfRepot Cover Letter w Staff Recommendations on the Report Recommendations
Presentation on 3 part test-Calrecycle.pptCalrecycle Presentation on 3 part test - Including "Staff Assessment of the Utility of the Recommendations"

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