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  • 8 Aug 2018 4:42 PM | Anonymous

    ACP Board of Directors, hosted a breakfast leadership summit between ACP Leadership & Supporting Members, and the CalRecycle Director, Caroll Mortensenm, and her Deputy Directors who work with the compost industry:

    ACP & Caroll Mortensen, Director, and CalRecycle Staff

    Organics Leadership Breakfast Meeting

    8:00 am-9:30 am, March 18,2014

    Strawberry Peak (Room Name)

    DoubleTree Hotel - Ontario

    222 North Vineyard Avenue,

    Ontario, CA 91764

    Agenda Topics for Discussion:

    • Introductions - Getting to know ACP Leadership and Members (15 minutes)
    • SoCal Compost Industry Overview, from Specific Compost Facility Perspectives (30 minutes)
    • Cap & Trade Grant and Loan Program Perspectives (30 minutes) - Letter attached
    • Market expansion to support facility expansion (15)
    • Other issues (as time permits)

    Next Steps from ACP/CalRecycle leadership meeting:

    1. Water Conservation, Presentations & Promotion:  Send to CalRecycle Management (esp. Scott Smithline)
      • Presentations on Stormwater (e.g. Caltrans, Filtrexx, others?) - send to D. Noble, ACP ED, and he is sending them all together.
      • Information on water conservation savings with compost (ACP ED to put info together, share internal, and then send to Scott Smithline).
      • Slide deck from Kathy Johnson, and team with CalRecycle to Development (will work with Scott, Howard and then governors office, possibly accessing "Drought Education" money.
    2. Compost Market Map Development:  Begin the development of a compost market map in collaboration with CalRecycle, using:
      • FacIT database tool
      • Populate with composter data (need contract and process for this)
      • Amend AB 939 data collection to collect more useful data each year (separate, but related, initiative to above data collection)
    3. Compost Issues Task Force:  Develop a "Compost Task Force" with ACP and CalRecycle to start addressing the 6 or 7 top issues to resolve for compost:
      • Hold first meeting (afternoon) at Biocycle, in afternoon 1-5pm, on one Day April 7-10).
      • Define "Top Issue Working Groups/Breakout session" (consider)
        • Compost State Agency Procurement:  (continue current initiatives and start new ones to expand the purchasing of compost by state & local agencies)
          • Caltrans Workshops - continue work with Brian Larimore, CalRecycle and D. Noble, ACP ED, to organize and implement workshops
          • Other Agencies - create programs, (Executive Orders, and/or legislation?) to have other relevant 
          • Local Agencies - support the League of Cities and Calif. State Assoc. of Counties to include local agency purchasing of compost
        • Compost Promotion (3" compost, save 30% water) - link to "Drought Education Monies"
        • Compost Market Definition (Market Map and Data collection in FacIT)
        • Contamination Definitions & Applications to Land Application (Water Board & CalRecycle, Title 14 & 27 - Relis Proposal and beyond)
        • Compost Clean Up (collection processing, road map)
        • [define other issues, group appropriately]
      • Agenda:
        • Introductions & Overview (1 hr)
        • Breakout Working Sessions (2 hr)
        • Next Steps (1 hr)

    CalRecycle Attendees:

    • Caroll Mortensen, Director
    • Ken Derosa, Chief Deputy Director
    • Howard Levensen, Deputy Director, Materials Management and Local Assistance Division
    • Scott Smithline, Deputy Director, Policy Development and Analysis
    • Mark Debie, Deputy Director, Waste Permitting, Compliance and Mitigation Division

    ACP Attendees:

    • Jeff Ziegenbein, ACP Board President, Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority
    • Bob Engel, ACP Secretary/Treasurer, Engel & Gray
    • Paul Ryan, ACP Board Member, PF Ryan and Associates
    • Kathy Kellogg Johnson, ACP Board Vice President, Kellogg Garden Products
    • Melissa Fischer, ACP Board Member,  LA County Sanitation Districts
    • Dan Noble, ACP Executive Director
    • Kathy Lynch, Lynch & Associates (ACP's Lobbyist)
    • Kevin Barnes, City of Bakersfield
    • Roger Aguinaga, Aguinaga Green
    • Jack Wright, Aguinaga Green
    • Steve Kanow, Burrtec
    • Chuck Tobin, Burrtec

    ACP - CalRecycle Leadership Breakfast

    Dan Noble, ACP ED, Caroll Mortensen, CalRecycle Director, Jeff Ziegenbein, ACP President, Kevin Barnes, City of Bakersfield

    CalRecycle-ACP Compost Working Group is looking to schedule its first workshop, at Biocycle April 9th, based on Caroll Mortensen's recommendation at the ACP/CalRecycle Leadership Breakfast.  

    Stay tuned, as we are now in the process of organizing it at the "last minute" at that meeting (3/22/2014 as we post this).

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