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  • 6 Feb 2019 10:59 AM | Deleted user

    ACP’s mission to “work and invest together to increase compost markets...”, is extended this year by directly getting to know our member’s legislators: relationship development with legislators, inform about Compost Benefits to the local community, and compost industry issues and initiatives. Working Group: Julia W., Zachary K., Dan N., Kathy L., and Jeff Z. This will ONLY happen on odd years after this year, alternating with a new ACP Compost Conference in May or June of each even numbered years, staring in 2020.

    So this May, develop face-to-face, and name recognition with some regulators and your legislators and their staffs.  Introduce your compost business to them! 
     What you can talk about can include (we provide support material and coaching for you!):

    • Get to know each other: Policy Makers and industry participants 
    • Everybody meet their legislator 
    • Must know you to get compost work done at the state level
    • Compost in your District: Who you work with, what you do, why compost is important (see Compost Benefits list)
    • Funding: Cap & Trade funding (greenhouse gas reduction funds, GGRF), and our approach on using those dollars to build compost manufacturing capacity along with private sector 
    • Legislation in process: What bills we are supporting this year, and why? (Review ACP Bill Priority List)
    • Regulatory issues: What legislation is being turned into regulations, what is our position, how is that going. AB 901, AB 876, SB 1383
    • State Agency Relationships: What are the industry's relationships with various state agencies, and what initiatives we are pursing with them now?  

    Hope to see YOU there!

  • 12 Jan 2019 10:56 AM | Deleted user

    ACP held its annual Board of Director elections in December of this year. Three qualified nominations were received and the Board unanimously voted to expand the Board to six to allow the seating of all three candidates. The Board has been looking for an opportunity to expand and was excited at this opportunity. 

    Please join us in welcoming Chris Seney of Republic Services to the ACP Board of Directors. Chris is the Director of Organics at Republic Services, Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Business Administration and he’s Professional Engineer in California, Arizona and Nevada. He’s an active participant in California organics and brings experience and energy to the association. The Board will select officers in January 2019.

    2019 Board of Directors:  

           Jeff Ziegenbein - President - Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority

           Kathy Kellogg Johnson - Vice President -  Kellogg Garden Products

           Bob Engel - Secretary/Treasurer - Engel & Gray, Inc. Regional Compost Facility

           Craig Kolodge - Filtrex - Director - Filtrexx International

           Tom Shearer - Director - Soil and Compost Consulting

    ●    Chris Seney - Director - Republic Services

           Dan Noble - Executive Director

  • 1 Jan 2019 10:57 AM | Deleted user

    Membership in the Association of Compost Producers will provide you with technical information, advocacy, and professional networking opportunities, which will help advance both your business and career. You will be able to exchange research information with others in the composting field as well as participate in programming sessions offered at various conferences throughout the year. As part of your membership in the ACP you will receive the following:

    • Build your clientele by tapping into ACP’s highly engaged community and reference your Membership directory
    • Make lifelong friends through networking and collaborating with other members
    • Show employees that you support their professional development and your company’s leadership at ACP Annual Conference
    • Cutting edge information shared monthly on member call 4th Wed. each month
    • National representation on California State Chapter of  US Composting Council
    • Join one of six technical working groups to build your team’s recycling management competencies to maximize performance and advance your mission
    • Enhance your marketing development strategies and practices by adopting and collaborating on implementing ACP's Public and Member Marketing Plans
    • Alerts and email announcements of meetings, workshops, technical groups, and conference sessions providing educational opportunities for your staff
    • Build your reputation by participating on ACP Groups and many initiatives
    • Advance your career by joining ACP member leaders on the Board of Directors
    • The benefits of advocacy to maintain profitability in an increasingly complex business environment
    • Aligning and enhancing your brand through sponsorship opportunities, by gaining more and ongoing visibility for your business

  • 7 Oct 2018 8:54 PM | Deleted user

    Thank you to our members who supported "The Compost Story" video.

    "The Compost Story" This important video was made possible by: Kellogg Garden Products, A1 Organics, Tanks Green Stuff, Zanker Recycling, Natur-tec, OCSD, CalRecycle, New Earth Inc., Stop Waste- Alameda, EcoSafe, St Louis Composting, Elk Packaging, Vision Recycling, EDWW W. Pauley Foundation, Associated Labels, Texas Pure Products, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Green Mountain Check it out here...Technologies.https://kisstheground.com/thecompoststory/


  • 22 Aug 2018 5:04 AM | Deleted user

    Join ACP Working Group as we work to expand the volume and value of compost being used to build healthy soil in California.

    ACP Working Groups - Taking action to forward our mission

    Compost Policy & Regulations

    • ·         Legislative Executive Team
    • ·         ACP Policy Committee
    • ·         ACP Legislator’s Day & ICAW (with CCREF)

    Compost Awareness & Markets

    • ·         Sustainable Soil, Water, Air Tactical Team (SSWATT)
    • ·         Agroecology & Healthy Soil Metrics
    • ·         Marketing – feedstock purity & compost use (proposed)
    • ·         ACP Compost Resource Center (Staff, for Stakeholders & ACP Members)

    Compost Feedstocks & Products (Materials)

    • ·         Contamination Reduction – feedstock and product quality
    • ·         Specifications (products) – feedstock testing and STA with USCC (proposed)

    Compost Soil Conditioning Uses (Services)

    • ·         Specifications (use) – team with USCC and SHI (proposed)
    • o   Ag – Crop/Soil, Water, Carbon Sequestration
    • o   Landscape – small, med., large, specialty (e.g. sports fields, golf courses, etc.)
    • o   Stormwater/Erosion Control - LID/Green Infrastructure
    • o   Natural & Working Lands – public, private & non-profit (trusts, conservancies, etc.)

    Contact Dan Noble to join this group

  • 22 Aug 2018 4:40 AM | Deleted user

     Association of Compost Producers 

    The Calif. State Chapter of the US Composting Council

    Monthly Member Meeting  

     Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 9:00 am-11:00 am 

    Call In Conf. Line: 909-993-9026

    (No special code is needed, as this is a dedicated IEUA conference line)

    In person Location:

         SoCal Location:   Inland Empire Utilities Agency 

              6075 Kimball Avenue, Chino California 91708

    We always prefer to have your presence in person at our meetings, but, as always, we will also have a conference line and speaker phone available to call-in during the meeting for those who can't fit in the travel time.  


    1. ACP Member Meeting Agenda 8.22.18
    2. ACP 2018 Calendar - 7.22.18 Update
    3. Compost Workshops - Air + CalRecycle Aug 21&24
    4. CARB-CAPCOA-CRCompostWorkshopAug2018Agenda_NorCal
    5. CARB-CAPCOA-CRCompostWorkshopAug2018Agenda_SoCal
    6. Final Compost CARB-CAPCOA-CalRecycle Discussion Paper August 2018 (003
    7. CFCC Funding Fairs flyer (2-8-18)
    8. LandscapeEXPO 2018 - ACP Compost Track-4 Sessions
    9. CBA notice 2018
    10. CBA 2018 Working Agenda DN
    11. ACP Membership Drive - Members- Oct 2018 - 8.21.18
    12. ACP Marketing Plan - August 2018
    13. ACP Legislator's Day 2019 Plan - 5.1.2019 JT
    14. ACP Working Groups 7.20.18
    15. ACP 2019 CA Compost Conference Plan Pomona 7.23.18
    16. Contamination Reduction Working Group Agenda 8-15-2018
    17. eaap8060.full

    I will be attending the SoCal ACP and CARB meetings next week... so I will see the SoCal members face-to-face if you join us.  I look forward to seeing and being with you!

    Hope you will join us!



    Dan Noble, Executive Director
    Association of Compost Producers

  • 21 Aug 2018 4:43 AM | Deleted user

    Northern and Southern California Workshops Announcement 


    Addressing Air Quality Permitting and Regulatory Issues for Expanding Infrastructure - Discussion Paper 

    Northern California Workshop 

    Date:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018 

    Time:  1:00 PM – 5:30 PM 

    Location:  CalEPA Building (Sierra Hearing Room, 1001 I St., Sacramento, CA 95812)  

    Southern California Workshop 

    Date:  Friday, August 24, 2018 

    Time:  10:00 AM – 3:30 PM 

    Location:  South Coast Air Quality Management District (Auditorium, 21865 Copley Dr., Diamond Bar, CA 91765)

  • 20 Aug 2018 5:08 AM | Deleted user


    SACRAMENTO, August 15, 2018 – The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) began accepting grant applications today from organizations that can provide technical assistance to applicants for the state’s Climate Smart Agriculture programs, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural operations.
    Eligible organizations, including non-profit groups, academic institutions and resource conservation districts, can apply to assist applicants of three Climate Smart Agriculture programs, the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP), the Healthy Soils Program (HSP), and the Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP). The programs aim to boost climate resiliency through water conservation, soil health improvement and water quality protection.
    “These partner organizations provide farmers with technical expertise they need to reach their climate goals, whether it’s conserving water, improving soil health or boosting water quality,” said CDFA Secretary Karen Ross.
    CDFA will award grant funds starting at $5,000, with additional funding allocated based on the number of applicants served. Each organization can receive up to $60,000.
    More information about eligibility and program requirements is available at http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/oefi. Applications must be submitted by email tocdfa.oefi@cdfa.ca.gov no later than September 14, 2018 5:00 p.m. PT. Grants will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.
    Climate Smart Agriculture technical assistance funding is provided by California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap and Trade dollars to work reducing GHG emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment – particularly in disadvantaged communities.  The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.  California Climate Investments projects
    include affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, environmental restoration, more sustainable agriculture, recycling, and much more.  At least 35 percent of these investments are located within and benefiting residents of disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households across California.  For more information, visit the California Climate Investments website at: www.caclimateinvestments.ca.gov.

    Additional funding is provided by Proposition 68 (SB 5, De León), The California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018. Proposition 68 was passed by voters in June 2018. More information can be found at: http://bondaccountability.resources.ca.gov/p68.aspx
    Follow CDFA News on Twitter and Facebook
    California Department of Food and Agriculture Office of Public Affairs
    1220 N St., Ste. 214, Sacramento, CA 95814
    916-654-0462, www.cdfa.ca.gov

  • 19 Aug 2018 5:10 AM | Deleted user


    Mission/Goals: To collaborate to mitigate contamination in feedstocks while expanding compost quality and market demand.

    Developing Committee Goals 

     Composters—ACP Representatives (Arin) 

    Haulers—CRRC Representatives (TBD)  

    Recycling Coordinators—CRRA 

    Solid Waste Directors—SWANA, CEAC (Dan) 

    Packaging & Plastics—(Tim, Julia)

    Tasks to treat as a whole

    Costs and Funding  - Cost effective solutions ARB funding from Air Board 

    Plastic Pollution →Water Quality Issue (WQCB) 

    Contamination Reduction Resource Center

    Do you want to join in this conversation.  This group meets monthly to work on these issues.  Contact Dan Noble for time of meetings.

  • 9 Aug 2018 10:41 AM | Deleted user

     Association of Compost Producers 

    The Calif. State Chapter of the US Composting Council

    Monthly Member Meeting  

     Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - 9:00 am-11:00 am 

    Call In Conf. Line: 909-993-9026

    (No special code is needed, as this is a dedicated IEUA conference line)

    In person Location:

         SoCal Location:   Inland Empire Utilities Agency 6075 Kimball Avenue, Chino California 91708

    We always prefer to have your presence in person at our meetings, but, as always, we will also have a conference line and speaker phone available to call-in during the meeting for those who can't fit in the travel time.  

    Agenda Items Include

    1. ACP Member Meeting Agenda 7.25.18
    2. ACP 2018 Calendar - 6.26.18 Update
    3. CAPCOA, CARB, CalRecycle Compost White Paper Discussion 8.21 & 8.24.18
    4. CFCC Funding Fairs flyer (2-8-18)
    5. SHI-AM3-Agenda Aug 1-3, 2018
    6. LandscapeEXPO 2018 - ACP Compost Track-4 Sessions
    7. CBA notice 2018 61318
    8. ACP Working Groups 7.20.18
    9. ACP 2019 CA Compost Conference Plan Pomona 7.23.18
    10. Contamination Reduction Working Group Agenda 6-20-2018
    Next Member Meeting August 22, 2018!
    Hope you can join us!
    Dan Noble, Executive Director

    Association of Compost Producers
    The Calif. State Chapter of the US Composting Council
    “We Build Healthy Soil” -  

    Cell/text: (619) 992-8389DanWylderNoble@gmail.com

To contact, learn more, or to get on ACP's email announcement list, please contact:

Executive Director Dan Noble
Association of Compost Producers
California State Chapter of the US Composting Council

Call or Email us:
Cell: 619-992-8389

P.O. Box 3155, Santa Rosa, CA  95402-3155

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