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ACP SPOTLIGHT - SB1383 Survey Results

20 Jul 2020 8:30 AM | Adrianne Fernandez (Administrator)

Other insights or comments in regards to ACP support from the survey:

  • I've been getting questions re: CalRecycle postponing SB 1383 due to COVID.
  • AG industry is still very wary of using composting made with food scraps. Would like data/reports on how to inform and educate on this issue.
  • How to connect with my local jurisdiction and find an easy way to convey SB1383 to members.
  • Clearly define compost as it's called out in Article 12 so producers can market using the same terminology. Figure out how to communicate with CA jurisdictions so they can be assured that there is quality compost available for them in their areas.
  • We are still trying to understand the impact of 1383 on our company and community.
  • How to pay for increased outreach staff with economic downturn due to COVID.
  • I am interested to get a synopsis of this survey.
  • Article 12 - Consulting and training on increasing the use of compost and related bioresources to deliver greater ecosystem services.
  • Details on the Regulatory Issues associated with SB 1383.

SB 1383 Support Survey.pdf

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