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Don't miss our 4th ACP Legislator's Day - May 1, 2019 8am-5pm

6 Feb 2019 10:59 AM | Deleted user

ACP’s mission to “work and invest together to increase compost markets...”, is extended this year by directly getting to know our member’s legislators: relationship development with legislators, inform about Compost Benefits to the local community, and compost industry issues and initiatives. Working Group: Julia W., Zachary K., Dan N., Kathy L., and Jeff Z. This will ONLY happen on odd years after this year, alternating with a new ACP Compost Conference in May or June of each even numbered years, staring in 2020.

So this May, develop face-to-face, and name recognition with some regulators and your legislators and their staffs.  Introduce your compost business to them! 
 What you can talk about can include (we provide support material and coaching for you!):

  • Get to know each other: Policy Makers and industry participants 
  • Everybody meet their legislator 
  • Must know you to get compost work done at the state level
  • Compost in your District: Who you work with, what you do, why compost is important (see Compost Benefits list)
  • Funding: Cap & Trade funding (greenhouse gas reduction funds, GGRF), and our approach on using those dollars to build compost manufacturing capacity along with private sector 
  • Legislation in process: What bills we are supporting this year, and why? (Review ACP Bill Priority List)
  • Regulatory issues: What legislation is being turned into regulations, what is our position, how is that going. AB 901, AB 876, SB 1383
  • State Agency Relationships: What are the industry's relationships with various state agencies, and what initiatives we are pursing with them now?  

Hope to see YOU there!

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