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ACP Vision, Mission and Values

ACP Value Activities

To accomplish our mission, ACP members work together to build collaborative public and private programs in each of our mission critical areas, as follows:


Investments:  Define and make appropriate organic market channel expansion investments


Strategy Development Tools for Investing in Building Compost Markets (e.g. "The ABC's of Compost Market Channel Development")

Markets: Support the development of strong compost brands through coordinated market expansion pilot programs
  • Market Research and Tactical Tool Development (e.g. "Compost Market Best Practices", 2004)
  • Caltrans Compost Specifications Project (2005-2006)
    • Initiate ACP Compost Use Index (v. 1.0)
    • Caltrans compost specifications (from 2 to 10, including STA testing)
    • Develop and publish compost use manual, titled: "Compost Use for Landscape and Environmental Enhancement"
  • Agriculture Compost Specifications Project (2006-2008)
Standards & Research:  Implement ever higher compost quality manufacturing and product standards based on ongoing, sound scientific research.
  • ACP Compost Index, build on the national compost Testing Program (USCC - STA/TMECC Program)
  • Developing the Center for Sustainable Organics Management

Education & Communication:  Produce and Deliver Compost Education and Publicity to All Watershed and Organics Stakeholders

  • Annual ACP Compost Solutions Workshop with UC Cooperative Extension and UC Riverside Extension
  • Participation in Collaboration Conferences:
    • US Composting Council
    • BioCycle
    • Pacific Southwest Organics Residuals Symposium
    • Calif. Stormwater Quality Association
    • Calif. Resource Recycling Association
    • Western Plant Health Association/ Ag in the Classroom
  • Compost Awareness Week

Legislation:  Support Legislation that Increases Amounts and Value of Compost Sold in California

  • Compost Labeling Legislation (working group with CDFA)
  • Ongoing Legislative Advocacy and Support

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